That Poster Case Is Your Best for Me?


Poster Cases or Prove Boards since they’re sometimes known, come in an assortment of sizes and styles to match the assortment of indoor and outdoor applications we see all about us. They may be used for signage, Info, management, communicating and poster display.

All these are key lockable, many are watertight and feature various kinds of rear boards, a few of which are sterile wipe metal and appropriate for use with board markers or you may use the given button magnets to maintain the posters set up. You will find cork back boards where you use hooks to repair the posters and there’s a mix cork & magnetic back board to enable one of the very best of both worlds! Poster Cases with colored felt rear boards are extremely popular as these permit you to use Velcro or hooks to affix the poster, so that there is likely to be one to fit your needs A4 Poster display Stand.

What if my screen will soon be in a darkened site?

Illuminated Cases are acceptable for interior and exterior use and utilized in pubs, civic amenities, car parks etc., given that there is electricity available. Setup and connection is quite simple but ought to be completed by a professional electrician.

Colours and Finishes.

The most common end is “Satin Anodised Aluminium” that is just as it seems, it’s a gorgeous satin finish to the organic aluminium. The shade functions very nicely in most schemes since it’s relatively neutral and accessible as the typical color, therefore it’s available off the shelf. In addition, we have black within an off the shelf alternative for instant shipping. We can provide our Cases powder coated to some frequent RAL color which would ordinarily take 4 months from order to shipping.

How do I determine what size is ideal for me?

1, ‘A’ Series Poster Cases, are made to maintain one poster of a particular A size, keep in mind that the case dimensions will be bigger compared to a size.

Two, Multiple A4 Poster Cases,

These may hold a range of A4 sheets with a cozy space between every sheet, typically those are 4 x A4, 6 x A4, 9 x A4 and 12 x A4 and are best for both Parish Notices, Schools and Leisure Centres where there might be numerous A4 notices that have to be upgraded from time to time.

The posters are readily altered by opening the hinged door that is glazed with an impact resistant transparent panel. The doorway opens into 90 levels, so if you will use the instance from the Landscape format, then make sure that you mount the situation with the hinge on the top so you’ve got easy access into the inside to place your posters correctly and easily!

What is in the box?

Our Poster Cases arrive bagged and boxed, complete with instruction sheet screws and screws for wall fixing and a couple of keys. Poster Examples 6 x A4 size and bigger are fitted with two important locks of single variant.

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